WPW System

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With WPW, one can surpass the original limits of electronic drums and reach near perfect simulation with traditional drums. This achievement will revolutionize the electronic drum industry.

Since establishing Awowo in 2005, our company’s creed has been to give our customers the highest quality, the most novel ideas, and the best price. Focusing on innovation and quality, Awowo continues to amaze the electronic music industry. Even though our products have become world renowned, we continue to strive to exceed everyone’s expectations.

In 2008, Mr. Liu deemed WAV sound source for electronic drums to be insufficient when comparing the quality to traditional drums. So he began to develop a new system. Sound source quality. Percussion touch. Performance. Each of these aspects had undergone meticulous examination and review, resulting in our WPW system. Using WPW, we have designed an electronic snare that simulates a traditional snare. Hitting different areas and applying varying amounts of pressure will result in distinct sounds. Our equipment can now duplicate the emotions of a drummer, ranging from a cheerful jingle to intense passion. Professional drummers will be amazed at the similarity between our electronic drums and their traditional drums. This evolution of electronic drums will create a frenzy amongst consumers.