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Corporation Name:Awowo Tech. CO. LTD.
English Name:Awowo Tech. CO. LTD.
Unified Business No.:28016545
Services & Products:Electronic Drum
Business Hours:09:00-18:00 星期一至五
Person in Charge:Debbie Liu


Awowo Tech. CO. LTD.


Awowo is led by its founder and president, Mr. Joe Liu, who has a remarkable sense and excellent abilities when designing drumming instruments and products. Mr. Liu understands the difficulties of playing drums and the main concerns of drummers, whether they are a beginner or an expert. Therefore the products that we design are totally unique and suitable for all levels of drummers.

Head of the “Light Music Society Organization”.

Designed the “Music Temple” studio. Using this studio one can develop digital music and prepare the finished product for distribution.

Manufactured software music for Nintendo Entertainment System, SEGA, and other video game companies.

Music Director for “Great Wild Goose Valley Phonograph Record”.
“Music Temple” officially renamed as “Lion Music”.
Began manufacturing PC game music. Achieved over 70% of the PC game music market share and established “Lion Music” as the PC game music industry leader.

Designed and promoted “Ultra Ability Music Software” which teaches users how to create digital music.

In collaboration with UMC, developed a sound chip for “A-Can TV Game System”.

Began development on an IC design for a game module.

Designed and promoted the “Drum Beat Game”. A future upgrade was released by the name of “Soul Drum” which included a digital sound module with the game.

Began development of software and hardware for a sound module.

Engaged in the OEM of sound modules using 8-bit PCM quality.
“Awowo” brand birth.

Began using 16-bit WAV quality when developing sound modules.

Believing 16-bit WAV quality to be inadequate for consumers, researched for newer technology and explored WPW systems. Began designing sound systems based on WPW technology.

After three years of intensive research, our company has pioneered a new sound quality technology, the WPW system. The WPW system can exceed the demands and expectations of any professional drummer.

services: Drum Set,Electronic Drum,Sound Module,Pedal,Snare,Drum stand

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Service Zone:Japan & Korea, North America, Latin America, Europe, Oceania