Product Information



Sound Module
-LDP 185*1

-PF 520*2


1.      Cymbal Choke Capability.

2.      Natural Response Drum Head with 128 Level Force Velocities.

3.      11 Categories, 32 Sets of 16-bit/44.1 kHz WAV Sound Bank.

4.      Built-in SD Memory Card Recorder for MP3 Playback and Live Recording. Supports Post Productions.

5.      Stereo Line-In for Sound Input Sources like Portable Music Players, a Microphone, Other Instruments, or another Sound Source.

6.      Built-in MIDI In/Out. Standard MIDI Mapping Compatible.

7.      Built-in Reverb Switch.

8.      Built-in Click Metronome.

9.      Headphone Jack.

10.  Exclusive Ladder Design.




Sound Module
-LDP 162*1

-SF 511*2

1. 12 bit/22kHz PCM sound quality.

2. 32 preset drum modes.

3. MIDI music.

4. Built-in metronome.

5. Phone jack.